Fenton OOAK-One of A Kind

These Fenton glass pieces are hand painted and truly "one of a kind" or OOAK for short. They are not from the regular Fenton art glass lines of today nor years gone bye, and have never been offered for sale by the company. Rather, these are authentic Fenton pieces that have been custom painted, often by former artist's once employed by Fenton.

If you are looking for a beautiful and truly unique collectible, these OOAK glass pieces are worth checking out! Most of these pieces are meticulously painted in great detail by very qualified artists. From florals to abstract designs to children or animals, you'll find these patterns in many styles and elegant colors on many popular art glass pieces Fenton has offered throughout the years.

Are you looking for birds, cats, rabbits or dogs? How about lamps, dishes, pitchers or vases? You'll find these and many other Fenton creations with beautifuly painted patterns resulting in your OOAK Fenton art glass collectible! Find carnival glass, burmese glass, white milk glass, opalescents, custards and all the other quality glass productions put out by Fenton with individually inspired artwork added to these already exquisite collectibles!

These creations are not limited to just former Fenton artists and hand painting. Some pieces utilize Swarovski crystal and other 3-D art forms. Some may use additional firing techniques other than the original Fenton production, resulting in some outstanding and unique masterpieces! If you are seeking something beautiful and different from regular production, you've got to check out these Fenton one of a kind custom creations! Perfect for gift giving or your own personal collection!

Video of Fenton OOAK Creations

Check out these random selections of OOAK customized Fenton glass pieces! Bunnies, elephants, bears, kittens, puppies, baskets and many other pieces make up just a glimpse into these popular new art glass collectibles that collectors are discovering every day!

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