Fenton Vases

Fenton vases are some of the most beautiful glass collectible vases created in the United States. Because of their high quality and individuality, these vases can be extremely valuable and highly regarded by antique enthusiasts and collectors.

Fenton is the most well known glass figurines and collectables creator around. For those who are unfamiliar with Fenton products, Fenton has been in business since 1905, producing high quality, hand blown glass items that have become collectables, making many of vintage pieces extremely valuable and highly sought after.

Fenton was founded by two brothers, Frank and John Fenton, and they have become the number one glass producer in the United States. The original goal of Fenton was to create glass with different and unusual colors and features, some vases even feature 22 karat gold accents and designs that are hand painted. The artists and glass craftsmen at Fenton create individual, unique pieces so the value of each piece is high, which is why there are so many clubs and collectors groups dedicated to collecting these valuable pieces, many of which are antiques from the earlier production.

Fenton produces a large line of vases for collection and every day use. They are hand blown and hand painted in the Fenton factory located in Williamstown, West Virginia. As previously mentioned, the designers and artists at Fenton make each vase individually, meaning each may have a slight difference than the next. There are many new vases available in the newer Fenton line up, such as some 2009 offerings like the blue and black "Polka Dot" vase, a beautiful "Granite Ring" vase, a striking "Ruby Heart" vase, and a limited edition (only 250 produced) blue "Heavenly Hearts" vase. These vases range in price typically from about $150- $400, although there are smaller vases that start as low as $50, and the limited edition pieces can run as high as $600. Some of these vases are designed by outside designers for a unique touch to make each product line different.

These newer vases are available for purchase directly through the Fenton website or at their location in Williamstown, West Virginia. The availability at these locations is mainly the newer Fenton designs. They can also be found at places such as eBay, and often at great savings! If you are seeking vintage vases, hard to find special editons or looking for some great deals, eBay is without a doubt a fantastic place to shop for these Fenton vases. I suggest you take a peek right now and see the amazing selection and savings on these beautiful art glass vases available for purchase at prices far below retail.

Fenton vases are extremely valuable in both a monetary and sentimental sense and the most well regarded glass vases that are collected in the United States. Because of their high quality and individual production, they are a great investment and hold their value quite well over time. The longer you can hold on to your Fenton vases, the better, as they only increase in value and demand over the years.

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