Fenton Turtles

These cute little shelled creatures are among some of the most adorable animal creations but out by art glass companies and the Fenton turtle is no exception! From miniature 2 inch turtles to the very large 6 inch special edition pieces, these glass turtles from Americas favorite art glass company are sure to please!

This animal's shape lends itself nicely for display of Fenton's remarkable craftsmanship, enhancing any collection! From beautiful burmese glass to cream custards and carnival glass to name a few, these miniatures can be found in many sizes. The hand painted pieces are done by Fenton's own artist's, creating elegant floral and other patterns in complimentary colors, one piece at a time!

From vintage, hard to find collectibles to newer, or brand new pieces, you'll find these Fenton turtle figurines at very reasonable prices. Whether you are a hard core collector, just love turtles or need a memorable gift for someone special, you'll find what you need in these decorative turtle figures. If you are looking for Fenton turtles, new or old, plain or hand painted, you'll find plenty to choose from right here!

Some of turtles from the "natural animals" collection of recent years can still be found, many brand new, still in the box! Of particular interest is the exquisite burmese glass hand painted turtle. A real find for any collector! Of course, there are plenty of plain glass turtles available too, in your favorite colors such as pink, green and blue! And be sure to check out the chameleon green turtle, another very sought after piece!

If you are not familiar with these Fenton animal figurines, you've got to check them out! Take a peek at these highly sought after collectible turtles and see for yourself what all the fuss is about. you'll be hooked at first sight! Every turtle collection needs a Fenton turtle or two! Take time right now and see if there's one that catches your eye so you can enhance your turtle or animal figurine display and save money too!

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