Fenton Swans

The Fenton swan has been a popular collectible for decades and is among the oldest of the Fenton art glass creations. These beautiful birds lend themselves easily to beautiful re-creations with their long slender necks and Fenton has certainly taken advantage of this over the decades!

There are many swans to choose from, ranging from the small miniatures to the mid sized 4 and 5 inch sized figurines. Besides the animal figures, these Fenton swans can be found in other forms such as nut dishes, dip holders, candy dishes and vases. These vintage serving dishes can still be found in excellent condition for your collection!

Many of these vintage pieces are made of original depression glass. These collectibles can be found in various colors and sizes in both the servers or figurines. The Swan figurines can be found in all of the quality art glass forms used in other Fenton animal creations such as burmese, carnival, satin and milk glass just to name a few. The hand painted floral designs are usualy subtle letting the long, slender neck of the bird show of the glass.

Whether you are a hard core collector seeking vintage, classic Fenton swans for your display or a new collector just starting out, you'll find a great selection of these glass swans to suite your needs. It is surprising how many vintage pieces are still available and at very reasonable prices too!

In recent years Fenton has made some swan designs exclusively for QVC and these limited edition pieces can be purchased here too, many still brand new in the box! Great for gift giving! You don't have to be a collector of swan's or Fenton to appreciate the beautiful art glass craftsmanship that goes into these pieces! These beautiful and elegant figurines make great decorations for any home.

If you are not familiar with Fenton art glass or maybe you are thinking of starting your own Fenton collection, why not take a peek right now at these swan figurines! You'll find a huge selection at great prices. Find out for yourself why these Fenton swans are such highly sought after collectilbes for so many people. Add to your collection or start a new one with Americas favorite art glass, Fenton!

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