Fenton Shoes-Booties-Slippers

Whether you call it a booty, slipper or a Fenton shoe, these miniatures are among the most sought after collectibles in art glass displays! These collectible shoes have been produced in many sizes, styles, colors and themes over the decades and seem to never grow old.

From the early designs of hobnail milk glass to the elegant burmese shoes, these fenton pieces can be found to suite any decorating or collecting needs. Clear glass, pinks, blues and reds are just some of the beautiful Fenton art glass colors these glass shoes are made of.

Of course, there are plenty of hand painted designs and florals, signed by Fenton's own artists for a truly personal touch. Because of the popularity of these glass nik naks, many of these shoes have been chosen for limited edition pieces over the years. These collectibles can still be found in excellent if not brand new condition.

Whether you are a serious collector looking for a rare vintage piece or just can't get enough Fenton, you can find great deals on these shoes. As people's parents get older and move to smaller housing, the kids are clearing out their parent's attics and basements and selling these precious items on eBay and other online sites for a fraction of their value. This is great news for you!

"The best deals on Fenton glass shoe figurines are on eBay right now!"

Hobnail Shoes | Milk Glass Shoes | Cat Shoes-Slipper-Boot

There's never been a better time add to your collection, start a new one or get someone else started with a memorable gift! The charm of Fenton is timeless and that includes these adorable art glass shoes, slippers and booties! If you are not familiar with America's favorite art glass, why not take a peek right now?

Maybe you've seen these shoe figurines on QVC or perhaps your mother or grandmother had a collection. Now you can shop for your own pieces and choose from a huge variety of both vintage and brand new, still in the box pieces. The choice is yours. The best part is you won't spend a fortune either! What are you waiting for? Check out these Fenton shoes right now and see for yourself the huge selection and savings that awaits you.

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