Fenton Roosters

The popularity of Americana collections over the years has created a big interest in Fenton roosters and we've organized a huge selection of these beautiful art glass pieces for you! From the larger pieces that tower up to 10 inches to the tiny elegant figurines, you'll find the perfect glass rooster figure for your collection.

Many collectors seek out the pre-80's roosters, particulary vintage creations from the 50's and 60's. And you'll find those pieces available at great deals! Of course, there are plenty of newer roosters available for purchase too! The choice is yours. Every situation demands different needs, from hard core collectors to casual "rooster lovers" to searching for the perfect gift, we've covered it all in these Fenton Rooster collectibles!

Recently (after 2007) Fenton has moved a lot of their production outside of the USA. The roosters and sitting hens, however, remain in production in the USA and proudly display the Fenton USA marking on the moulds. So any newer roosters or hens will likely display the Fenton mark along with USA on the bottom of the piece. So in short, all Fenton roosters and hens are USA made no matter how new or old! Just a little trivia for you about these beautiful collectibles.

Whether you are a strict Fenton collector or just a collector of art glass figurines, you'll find these roosters to be quite a nice addition to your display. The colors and detail are incredible not to mention the various types of glass such as mother of pearl, burmese, carnival and milk glass used in the many different styles and sizes. Hand painted patterns and designs add even more uniqueness to each piece. It's no wonder these glass rooster figurines are so highly sought after!

Take a peek at the many pieces we've organized for you and see the huge selection and savings. There's never been a better time to add some Fenton rooster charm to your collection. Whether you are looking for a vintage collectible or a newer limited edition piece, you'll find what you need while saving both time and money!

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