Fenton Pitchers

The strikingly beautiful Fenton Pitcher is a traditional American work of art. These pitchers are immediately recognizable to a discerning eye because of their beautiful, hand blown and hand painted qualities. Households across the United States pull out their beautiful Fenton pitchers for special occasions, and Fenton glassware like the pitchers are passed down from generation to generation because of their value and beauty.

Frank and John Fenton were two brothers who started the Fenton Glass manufacturing company. Their initial intent was to start a glass company that would add some color to traditional glass collectibles, which were much more bland and colorless than what they intended. They introduced the use of bright, unusual colors into glass blowing, and an empire was born. Over 100 years later, Fenton Glass is still thriving, and employs over 100 people in their Williamstown, West Virginia location. In Williamstown, fans of Fenton travel from all over the world to be educated, tour the facility, and watch pieces of art be created in front of their eyes. They can also purchase Fenton products in the gift shop and enjoy the entire facility Fenton has created for its loyal customers.

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Fenton pitchers are widely regarded and collected in the United States and all over the world. These pitchers are most usually identifiable because of their hand painted floral designs. They are also hand signed by the artist who painted them. New production Fenton pitchers are available for purchase at the Fenton location, through their Fenton direct order website, and through other internet websites and auctions. If you are looking to collect older editions of Fenton pitchers, you can also join online clubs that focus on glass and Fenton -specific collections who have meetings, allow you to buy and sell pieces to each other, and they host both online and in person auctions all across the country. Ebay is an excellent source of vintage Fenton pitchers. You can also utilize antique dealers who enjoy Fenton products as they may attempt to keep these popular products in stock.

New edition Fenton pitchers are available every year and placed on their website in their catalog. Although there are dozens of Fenton pitchers available, they do vary in size, function and color for the collector to enjoy. For example, there is the tiny, 5 1/4 inch "Silhouette Panel Pitcher", a small white pitcher with floral hand painted designs from the 2009 line up. This pitcher would likely act as a cream dispenser due to its size. For a larger more functional party-pitcher, you may be interested in something like the 8 1/2 inch "Pineapple Black Carnival 3 piece water set", which comes with 2 matching cups. Described on their website as "heirlooms of the future", these pieces are extremely striking and beautiful. In the moderate price range is the adorable 7 1/2 inch "True Blue on Milk Glass Pitcher", a delightful white pitcher with blue hand painted floral design.

As you can see, there are many options when purchasing a Fenton Pitcher, but it comes down to the functionality of what you are looking for, as well as your price range to decide. Whatever you decide, your new or vintage Fenton pitcher will be a beautiful, quality piece that will be valued for many years to come.

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