Fenton Pigs

Collecting art glass pig figurines is a very popular hobby and these Fenton pigs are a staple for any collector! Farm animals are some of the most sought after glass animals for Americana collectors who add these glass figurines to their display. The Fenton Art Glass Company puts out some of the finest pigs and piglets available.

From the unique carnival glass, to the beautiful, subtle shades of burmese, or the simple semi clear plain glass, you'll find these pigs will greatly enhance your collection of farm animal figurines. Some of these figures are crafted of just beautiful glass with no outside paint or markings. Many are adorned with elegant hand painted patterns by Fenton's own artists, giving each peice a truly personal and "one of a kind" feel. From abstract patterns to subtle florals you can find complimentary colors individually added to these little guys one brush stroke at a time!

Some cultures regard the pig as a symbol of powerful luck, abundance of life and even fertility. Many just think they're adorable art glass collectibles and there's little doubt of that once you've held one of these Fenton miniature pig figurines in your hand! Whether you are looking for a vintage piece for your life long collection, a gift for the "Pig Collector" in your life or just want to get started collecting Fenton animals yourself, these pigs are a great choice.

You'll find a great selection at unbelievable low prices! From new limited edition pieces still in the box or very rare classic pieces for the hard core collector you will be pleased with the many Fenton pigs we've organized and made available for you. Authentic Fenton art glass pigs and piglets can be purchased for under $10.00 with a little searching and patience!

Don't pass up your chance to own one of these highly sought after collectilbles. Take a peek right now at the many Fenton pigs we've assembled for you that are available for purchase right now. Fenton is a name everyone's come to recognize as elegance, beauty and quality in art glass creations. Collectors agree that these Fenton pigs are a fine example of those qualities in the art glass figurine community!

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