Fenton Mouse Figurines

Among the many animal creations produced by Fenton the mouse figurine is one of the most adorable in their line up! These little creatures with their oversized ears are highly sought after pieces for many a mouse lover's collection. If you are an art glass collector of mice these little Fenton beauties are a must have addition to your display!

From hard to find vintage pieces to newer items you'll find a great selection of these authentic Fenton collectibles. From the smaller 2 inch miniatures to the larger 4 inch heavy glass mice these little figurines can be found and purchased at great savings!

Whether you are a hard core collector seeking that elusive hard to find vintage piece or just looking for a nice gift for the nik-nak lover in your life, you'll find great quality, selection and value in these listings. Many of these pieces are brand new, still in the box! Fenton made a lot of limited quantity items specifically for QVC over the years and you'll find those beautiful art glass mouse collectibles too!

For years the Fenton name has been associated with quality refined glass types such as burmese, carnival, vaseline and satin glass. These mice are no exception and you'll love the huge variety on which you can bid on and purchase at terrific savings! Search for pinks, blues greens and reds just to name a few. Finding the color you need for your decorating needs is a snap!

"The best deals and the best selection on Fenton Mouse figurines are hiding on eBay!"

Christmas Mouse Figurines | Burmese Glass Mouse Figurines | OOAK Mice (one of a kind) | NIB Mouse Figurines (new in box)All Fenton Mouse Figurines

Most of these mouse figurines are hand painted in complimentary colors by fenton's own artists, and signed by that artist! Elegant floral designs and unique patterns adorn this art glass in a personal way that only comes from Fenton! Of course, there are semi clear glass pieces too with no painting if that fits your needs. The choice is yours.

If you are not familiar with the Fenton animal collections, you need to take a look and see what all the hype is about! These pieces will enhance any collection or display and without emptying your wallet! Why not take a peek right now and get in on the savings. Collecting fenton mice is a great hobby and now is a great time to shop for these collectible pieces by America's favorite art glass!

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