Fenton Lamps

Fenton lamps are one of the most striking, recognizable pieces within the antique community and have been for many years. The famous Fenton lamp style is individual to Fenton design, and when seeing a Fenton lamp you instantly recognize what it is. These stunning, hand blown and hand painted pieces brighten any room and are the prized pieces of many antique collections. Most of the older Fenton oil lamps are absolutely beautiful and very collectible.

Fenton Glass Company started in 1905, and it was the idea of two brothers, John and Frank Fenton, who wanted to provide the public with glass pieces that were different because of their unusual color palates and individually painted decorations.

Over 100 years later, Fenton is running strong and still producing hand blown and painted glass pieces. Fenton is the most successful glass manufacturer in the United States, and every year they produce a new catalog of beautiful glass pieces for the anxious public. They incorporate new designs and styles each year, often by using new designers to take a different spin on their traditional designs. Fenton doesn't only offer lamps, but other products like vases, candy dishes, bowls, pitches, plates, and many more. The largest glass manufacturer in the US, Fenton has a glass blowing factory and store located in Williamstown, West Virginia, where fans can buy pieces, take tours, and learn more about their collectables.

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In the 2009 production line, there are over 100 lamps available for purchase. Some of the most beautiful pieces include the 18" Gone With The Wind Lamp, which is hand painted with beautiful floral detail by an artist in the Fenton factory. Each lamp is hand signed by the artist, and this specific piece runs for about $300 through Fenton directly. There are also more traditional looking style lamps, like the 18" West Virginia Woodland Burmese Cameo Lamp, which was designed and hand crafted by artist Robert Bomkamp using sand carving techniques. This limited edition lamp only had 100 created, and is sold for $975. Another excellent choice for a Fenton lamp is the 17" Sunset Symphony lamp, which is also limited edition and only 175 were created, priced at $650. The limited edition items obviously hold their value well and are sought after by collectors and antique dealers who recognize that they will increase in value over time. These are just a few examples of the newer Fenton lamp pieces. You can find many brand new, mint condition lamps for sale at bargain prices through online sites such as eBay.

The latest Fenton products are available for purchase at their store and manufacturing plant located in Williamstown, West Virginia. To purchase older Fenton lamps though is a bit more difficult. Although many antique dealers carry Fenton lamps, it is difficult to find what you are looking for. Vintage and antique Fenton pieces, including these lamps, abound on eBay and can often be purchased at great savings.

Some collectors have created online communities where they can buy and sell Fenton products. These communities have expanded so significantly that they now hold meetings, have online and public auctions all across the country, and have newsletters to keep up with Fenton news. The Fenton community is a testament to the high quality and fondness individual collectors have for their Fenton pieces. The Fenton lamp is one of the most famous and outstanding pieces that Fenton creates and is one of their trademark pieces to collectors.

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