Fenton Hens

If you are a collector of glass hens you are probably familiar with the Fenton Hen on a basket figurines. If not, you've got to check these beautiful Fenton collectibles! For years Fenton has been creating these beautiful farm favorites in many colors and styles. From carnival glasss, milk glass, burmese, frosted and others, these elegant hen figures have decorated many a household kitchen and dining room in America!

The hen and rooster has long been a favorite among art glass collectors and Fenton has created it's share of these desireable pieces over the decades. Whether you are looking for a tiny mini figurine or a larger hen sitting on her eggs in a nest or a basket, you are sure to find a beautiful fenton piece that's just right for your needs.

Hand painted glass hens are adorable with their intricate detail in the eyes, beak and head in general. The elegant types of glass add even more beauty and uniqueness to each piece. There have been over 100 companies that have put out the stitting hen art glass figures but Fenton has certainly been a favorite by most.

Whether you are looking for a vintage collectible from the 50's or a newer limited edition piece, you'll likely find what you are after. From hard core collectors to folks starting out with a collection or just looking for that perfect, unique gift, this is your perfect starting point for Fenton hens!

While you can find great deals and selection on new Fenton hens, we think you'll especially enjoy shopping for the vintage pieces. People across the country are finding these treasures in their relatives attics and basements and putting them up for sale. Most of the older hens have been well taken care of and well packed. And that's great news for you!

These beautiful Fenton sitting hens and figurines are available for purchase right now! Take a peek and see for yourself the huge selection and savings on these highly sought after art glass collectibles. You might walk away with a steal of a deal and a great addition to your collection.

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