Fenton Family Signed Art Glass

Owning a few Fenton family signed art glass pieces of your favorite design will enhance your display greatly! Over the years many a Fenton creation has left the famous glass factory gift shop with the signature of George, Frank, Tom, Mike, Randy and Scott. And let's not forget the Fenton women! Shelly, Nancy, Christine and Lynn have signed many of these collectible pieces for customers too! If a piece is artist signed, the Fenton family member signature is in addition to that so you will have both signatures.

Fenton Basket Signed George & BillGeorge & Bill Fenton Signatures
George & Bill Fenton Signed Basket

Generally a few times a year, the company will announce "signing" dates at their gift shop and if you desire, you can have your purcahse signed by one of the Fenton family members. This is a huge attraction which is usually accompained by a special edition creation and storewide sale. Of course, this only represents a small percentage of signed pieces out in the public as you must be present to have it signed. These events are exciting because you can have anything signed, even a small animal figurine, as long as you are there on the signing day. (and don't mind waiting in line!) You'll also get to personally meet one of the Fenton's.

Fenton also posts a list of signing dates each year in which a family member will be present for signatures at various gift shops around the country. Often a limited edition piece exclusive to that particular shop will be promoted but anything purchased at the store can be signed. People are generally limited to 3 signatures per person.

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Fenton glass Co. has in the past offered special edition "made for QVC" only items, and additionally featured Family signed pieces. These art glass collectibles are usually extremely limited and highly collectilbe. Often a Fenton family member is present during the QVC shopping show which adds to the excitement of shopping in this manner for these elegant Fenton pieces!

Resellers will often buy these QVC pieces and hold on to them for a year or so before selling. There are always eager buyers for the family signature pieces that may have been missed by Fenton enthusiasts.

Christine Fenton Signed CatSigned 2005 Christine Fenton
Cat w/ Christine Fenton Signature

There are also special pieces that are signed by a different family member that are not part of QVC or a special signing day. Naturally, these are highly collectible and often found in exclusive gift shops or put on sale through the fenton store for a limited time. (many will have a seasonal theme) Whether it's a small cat, bird, dog, or other animal figurine or a larger detailed basket, vase, lamp or other fine piece of art glass, if it's Fenton family signed, it's a great piece to own for any collector or hobbyist.

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