Fenton Elephants

Elephants are considered a symbol strength, trust, loyalty and in general good luck in many cultures. People have been collecting figurines of these magnificent animals for centuries. The Fenton art glass elephants have been around since about 1930. Elephant Flower bowls were an early creation by Fenton using this animal. It wasn't until later that the glass miniatures, or elephant figurines were added to their line of collectibles.

The popularity of these glass elephant decorations is still very popular today and Fenton's line is a highly sought after item in both new and vintage elephants. From the very tiny 2" miniature clear glass figures to the larger elephants which can be over 6" tall, collectors worldwide love these art glass elephants by Fenton!

From the famous burmese glass line to carnival glass or plain semi clear pinks, blues, reds, and greens these quality types of glass are what make America's favorite art glass company a world wide favorite. Beautiful, unique hand painted floral patterns on these glass types make each piece truly uniqe! Fenton's own artists use complimentary colors and patterns on these elephants for craftsmanship second to none in the industry!

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Burmese Glass Elephants | NIB Elephants (new in box) | Hand Painted Elephants | All Fenton Elephant Figurines

Fenton has always put out limited edition series of many of it's pieces and these elephants are no exception. In recent years some of these elephants (and other animals) have been exclusively produced in limited quantity for QVC. These pieces can still be found at affordable prices and make an excellent addition to any collection or even a treasured gift.

Whether you are searching for a rare vintage piece for your Fenton collection or just want an addition to your family of elephant miniatures, you'll find something pleasing and suitable in these Fenton elephant decorations. Dainty handpainted flowers, soft, plain clear glass or colorful circus elephant features can be found! If you are not familiar with the Fenton animal products, take a peek right now and see what you've been missing!

From sitting or standing elephants, trunk up or trunk down, vintage classics or new, these Fenton elephants are available in many sizes, styles and colors at very pleasing prices. Now is a great time to shop for these beautiful collectibles known as Fenton art glass elephants!

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