Fenton Duck Figurines

Did you know that in Japan the duck stands for faithfulness and light? That's pretty interesting although I'm not sure why. One thing for sure is People in the USA and other parts of the world love to collect duck figurines not for symbolizing anything but rather because they are so adorable! Fenton ducks are among some of the most sought after art glass collectibles in the world!

These little art glass figurines have been produced by Fenton for decades and there are quite a few unique designs and colors available. As with all of Fenton's creations, there are many types of glass used which makes them so unique. You can find these little glass collectible ducks in burmese glass, opalescent's, carnival glass and the beautiful Vaseline satin just to name a few.

Hand painted floral patterns as well as unique abstract markings from different artists through out the years make a lot of these ducks a one of a kind creation! It's no wonder they are so collectible! From the standard "real" looking duckling to the large collectible Mallards or the adorable fun ducks with hats, aprons or patriotic designs, these little figures have been sought after collectibles and gifts for many a mother, wife and grandmother over the decades!

The Fenton art glass company is still quite active in producing these glass ducks and new ones are issued every year. However, it's the vintage Fenton ducks that seem to catch the attention of many collectors. These classic piecies can still be found in excellent condition and are truly unique for any collection! People took great care of their collections and stored them appropriately when not in use.

Over the years these pieces have been forgotten and stored away in an attic or basement. As family members move away or sell their parents or grandparents homes, they've discovered these collections and put them up for sale to earn a few dollars.

This is great news for you! Now you can purchase these pieces, including the Fenton duck figurines, and start your own collection or add to your existing one without spending a fortune! If you are a serious collector, you will discover that with a little effort you can locate that "hard to find" vintage duck you've been looking for!

Visit us now and take a peek at these beautiful fenton ducks and see for yourself the selection and savings available to you.


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