Fenton Dogs-Puppies

No collection of Fenton art glass animal figures would be complete without at least one dog or puppy from their huge line of work. Americas fascination with both dogs and Fenton makes these creations perfect for your collection. From Scotty's to labs or playful pups Fenton has crafted many a beautiful doggie collectible over the years.

From the more recent "Yankee Doodle" handpainted by J. Burkhart to the rare opalescent Scotty Dog or vintage collectibles from years gone by, these art glass canines by Fenton will surely enhance your collection. We've organized the best selection anywhere for you to shop these timeless art glass puppy dog collectibles.

Fenton Puppy Dog Pin with Flowers
Fenton Art Glass Puppy

You'll find these pieces in various types of glass such as milk glass, carnival, opalescent and burmese along with the most beautiful hand painted patterns and florals. Blues, pinks, lilac, greens and reds are carefully and createfully mixed to form perfect complimentary colors to these glass dogs. The hand painted patterns give each piece it's own personality for you to cherish for years.

Some people collect for investment, others for sentimental value. Either way, these Fenton dogs and puppies will meet either of those needs. Take a look and see for yourself the huge selection and savings on these collectible art glass dogs!

Fenton Camel Colored Solid Glass Scottie Dog Figurine
Fenton Scottie Dog

Whether you are looking to replace a lost treasure from years ago or add a new one to your present collection, this is the place to be. Although there is still a good variety, with each passing year the older pieces become harder to find. Don't miss your chance to own a piece of American history! Now is a great time to take a look at these Fenton art glass dogs and puppies from yesterday and today.

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