Fenton Deer-Fawn Figurines

Collecting animal figurines are a popular hobby for many and the Fenton deer and fawn glass figures are some of the most sought after pieces in the world! These creatures are arguably the most elegant of God's beautiful animal creations and is perhaps why they are such a popular glass collectible!

Fenton has done these deer and fawns justice in the many styles and lines of these animals over the years. From the natural animals collection series from the 1980's to the present or even earlier vintage collectibles, these deer will enhance the beauty of any display! Whether you are a looking for a vintage piece needed to complete your collection or just want a Fenton quality deer or fawn to add to your nik naks, you'll find a great selection in many styles, colors and sizes in these art glass deer and fawn figurines.

From the exquisite burmese glass with it's delicate shading to the forever popular carnival glass, these deer can be found in a style that's just right for you! The sitting fawn with it's adorable white spots and oversized ears is without a doubt a favorite and you'll find those at discount prices along with all the other Fenton deer collectibles, both new and vintage!

"The biggest bargains on Fenton Deer & Fawn are hiding out on eBay!"

Burmese Glass Deer-Fawn | NIB Deer-Fawn (new in box) | Christmas Deer-FawnAll Types Fenton Deer-Fawn

Hand painted designs and floral patterns in complimentary colors is a trademark of Fenton art glass and these deer are no exception. From white satin with beautiful pink flowers to abstract designs on blue, green, red and other clear glass creations, you'll find a piece that's right for you or the gift you are looking for. If you are not familiar with the Fenton deer figurines you've got to check them out!

Take a peek right now and see what all the fuss is about. Fenton is an American company that represents so much of what the USA was buit on, quality craftsmanship, and these glass deer are no exception. Whether you are a hard core collector or new to the world of Fenton creations, you'll find a great variety and some big savings on all of these Fenton art glass deer and fawns!


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