Fenton Christmas Glass

For many families around the world, their Fenton Christmas glass collection plays a big part in the festive atmosphere of the winter holiday season! Many of us have grown up with these pieces of fine art glass and look forward to unpacking and displaying these magical pieces that set the mood for the upcoming Xmas season. The excitement of adding new pieces is part of the festivities too, as we watch our collections grow year after year.

The beauty and charm of this Christmas art glass is timeless! It's also very collectible as each piece is hand blown and slightly different from the next. Hand painted florals and patterns in holdiday red, green, blue and siver adorn these art glass creations from Fenton's own artists. Many of the pieces are signed and often a particular artists work on a specific piece becomes a much sought after collectible in the years ahead!

There are many types of beautiful glass used in these creations such as Burmese, carnival, opalescent, custard and white satin glass to name just a few! The pieces and styles are too numerous to mention all of them. From the newer French opalescent animal figurines and Scott Fenton signed fairy lamps to the vintage carnival glass Christmas plates or hand painted bells of the 70's, Fenton Christmas glass will help to make your season bright!

Video of Fenton Christmas Glass over the Years

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Whether you are a hard core collector, a hobbyist or just enjoy the beauty of new or vintage Fenton in your home, you can certainly find what you need. There are many shops around the country that offer Fenton Christmas glass and there is probably one near you. Of course there is the internet and it offers many online stores carrying Fenton Christmas decorations. Additionally, Fenton has it's own catalog online with an inventory of the latest Fenton seasonal glass.

And let's not forget about the largest single collection of unique Fenton Christmas glass available for purchase under one roof, eBay! This online auction site is a Fenton collectors dream! From new, still in the box pieces to rare antique lamps and vintage Christmas glass bulbs, bells, plates, animal figurines, fairy lamps, snowman figures, crystal trees, Angels, Santa heads and everything else, you'll likely find it there! And the best part is you can often find it at a bargain price!

Ebay is without question the best place for vintage and hard to find pieces such as the Budweiser Clydesdale winter scenes and other such limitied edition offerings. If you aren't a member of the eBay community yet (it's fast & free!) I encourage you to sign up right now and take a peek at the huge selection of Fenton Christmas glass available for purchase right now!

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