Fenton Cat-Kitten Figurines

Without a doubt cats are among the most popular collectible animal figurines and over the decades Fenton has offered some of the most beautiful and cherished pieces of these art glass felines. Perhaps you have memories of these hand painted kitty's scattered around your grandma's house as a child. Maybe your mother collected them or still does, or maybe you yourself have a few pieces. If you are familiar with these Fenton cats, you well know why they are a piece of American history.

Fenton Milk Satin Alley Cat with Red, White & Blue Stars
Fenton Art Glass Collectible Cats

From kittens, Tabby's, Siamese, Alley Cats and Calico's, Fenton over the years has created a figurine that is sure to touch any cat lover's heart. Often sitting and poised and sometimes sleeping. From snooty, perky and curious to outrageous smiles! These adorable vintage cats can still be found and enjoyed by you.

These cats and kittens are made of many types of glass such as burmese, opalescent, carnival, milk glass and more. Shades of blue, red, green, pink, white, violet and far too many color variations and shades to mention can be found in these beautiful art glass collections. Fenton's refinement of the art of creating these special glass formulas makes it evident why these pieces are sought after by so many.

Fenton Glass Satin White Tiger 6 inch Happy Cat
Rare Tiger Happy Cat

The hand painted designs are delicate and complimentary to the glass used by talented artists employed by Fenton. Paw prints, stripes, hearts or abstract markings can be seen on some while others will employ a pattern of daisy's, petunias, roses, lillies or other floral designs. Each kitty with it's own personality given to it by the stroke of the artist's brush.

Whether you are looking for newer pieces or vintage pieces, are a collector for the monetary value or sentimental value, the huge selection of these Fenton felines we've organized for you is sure to have you finding what you need! New items are added daily so be sure to bookmark us and stop back often!

Fenton Vintage Green Custard Cat Hand Painted Roses
Fenton Vintage Cat

As time passes by these older, precious art glass cats become harder to find. Don't miss your chance to own one of these classic, vintage collectibles! Take a peek and see for yourself these beautiful pieces of American history made by this little West Virgina company the world knows as Fenton art glass!

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