Fenton Candy Dishes

Fenton candy dishes are the most collected candy dishes amongst collectors and antiques dealers today. Because of the wide variety in colors, sizes and design of these candy dishes, and the high quality they possess, the Fenton candy dishes hold their value well and are highly regarded by collectors.

In 1905, two brothers came up with a business idea to start a glass company with the intention of creating new colors and styles of glass. Fenton Glass was born, and the owners, John and Frank, made it an initiative to design different types of glass that would put them on the map.

Over 100 years later, Fenton is known as the premier glass dealer in the United States. Their location in Williamstown, West Virginia is a landmark where people go to buy Fenton glass, and you also can take tours of their business and watch craftsman actually creating the pieces that you are able to buy onsite. All Fenton glass pieces are individually hand blown and many are hand painted with floral detail, and the business has grown over the past century to include many different designers, glass blowers, and a vast product offering.

Fenton candy dishes are one of the most sought after items in the Fenton collection. Some examples of their newer offerings such as the 2009 product line include the 4 1/2" Fenton Gift Shop Violet Paisley candy dish, which listed for $49.50, the 7" Fenton Gift Shop Sky Blue Bowl which runs for only $14.50, and the 3 1/4 " Fenton Gift Shop Strawberry Dish, which in 09 went for $17. There are many other Fenton candy dishes available though, because they have been in production for over a hundred years. If you are more interested in the antique Fenton products, there are many outlets to help you search out that perfect piece. Ebay is a great place for the vintage pieces, whether rare or not so hard to find. You can always find some nice pieces there at bargain prices.

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Because Fenton products have been being produced for such a long time, it is sometimes difficult to find the perfect antique piece you may be looking for. You can try browsing antique shops because they often carry Fenton products, but that can be quite time consuming with unknown results.

Because of this difficulty, many Fenton Collectibles clubs were born. These individuals meet over the internet and in person, and host online auctions, public auctions, club meetings, and have the ability to buy and sell pieces to each other. Some of these online collectors clubs even offer special products that were designed by Fenton for this specific club, so the only way you would have the opportunity to purchase these special products is through membership. Many candy dishes from prior production years are available through auctions through these collectors clubs.

Fenton candy dishes are beautiful pieces that hold their value extremely well, and they span over 100 years that Fenton has been creating glass, as a great historical testament to this family owned business. Fenton candy dishes are owned by collectors, antique enthusiasts, and regular households who see the beauty that these dishes can offer to your home.

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