Fenton Candlestick Holders

Fenton candlesticks are a beautiful, exotic way to decorate your home. The candlesticks created by the Fenton Company are strikingly bright and stunning to the eye, making them popular amongst collectors and regular home decorators.

Fenton is a household name in décor and collectibles. The Fenton tradition was invented in 1905, when brothers Frank and John Fenton decided to start a company to make the glass blowing industry change by use of new and bright colors, and beautiful hand painted designs. The Fenton Company has lasted throughout much American history, and remains functional today, over 100 years later.

Fenton operates out of Williamstown, West Virginia; where they employ over 100 individuals whose jobs range from artists who hand paint the flowers on their products, to the designers who imagine the idea from the beginning, to the glass blowers who create these masterpieces individually with great care.

The Williamstown facility has grown as their name grew over the last century, and they now have a gift shop where guests can purchase Fenton products, and fans can take a tour of the facility to watch the glass blowing and hand painting in front of their eyes. They can then take these pieces home with them at the end of the tour by shopping in the gift shop.

Fenton is the largest glass blowing operation for collectibles in the United States, and the Fenton name has become a world wide phenomena. Collectors everywhere know the Fenton products, and over the years these pieces went from functional pieces for your home to antique collectibles and are extremely valuable and sought after. Fenton offers many special edition pieces with limited availability which further makes them regarded in the world of collecting.

Newer Fenton Candlestick Holders

Although the Fenton candlesticks are not traditionally one of their top selling products, Fenton does come out with several new designs per year to keep their audience entertained. For example, in their 2009 catalog they offered 3 new styles. These include the 6 inch Fenton gift shop Aubergine Candlestick. These candlesticks are sold individually and not in pairs. This beautiful candlestick is a metallic purple in hue and is craftily designed including much detail and design.Another, the stunning 6 inch spruce green candlestick with gold accents. This piece would be a bright table center for any formal party. The last candlestick offered in the 2009 collection is the smallest, a 4 1/2 inch candlestick with a Ram's Head pattern in Chameleon green. This very light green color combined with the detailed design work on the candlestick itself is quite lovely and it has very subtle color alterations which is where it got its name. All of these candlestick holders run under $40.00 new.

For prior year Fenton candlesticks, you may utilize website auctions, online collecting clubs, and find them at antique stores. Ebay is a great source for vintage Fenton candlestick holders! Because Fenton collections are often passed from generation to generation, almost every American has a piece in their family. Besides candlesticks, Fenton produces beautiful plates, candy dishes, lamps, bells, pitchers, and vases.

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