Fenton Bowls

Fenton Glass, a glass company located in Williamstown, West Virginia, is the creator of beautiful and original Fenton art glass bowls for collectors and regular, every day use.

Fenton Glass, which originated in 1905, has been the largest glass manufacturer of collectibles in the United States for many years. Two brothers, John and Frank Fenton, thought there was something missing from the glass market, mainly the use of different and untraditional color, so they started their own family business to address exactly this issue. Over 100 years later, the family business is still thriving, and has grown to employ more than 100 employees. The Fenton tradition is well known and followed by many Americans. Fenton antique collections are passed down from generation to generation, and the antique community collects these pieces knowing their timelessness and that they will appreciate in value over time.

Fenton's factory in Williamstown is the location of all Fenton designers, glass blowers, and artists who create, on site, these beautiful works of art. As the Fenton name became more popular to the world, Fenton created a gift shop and the opportunity for fans to tour their facility and watch these pieces of art be hand created and painted. Collectors can make the trip to Williamstown to tour, be educated on their products, and purchase items for their collections at the very site that they were created.

Fenton bowls are one of the most varied items in the Fenton product line. The bowls range extremely in size, from the smallest at about three inches in diameter, to much larger bowls that are over twelve inches. They also have a wide range of function, from smaller bowls that can act as a candy or sugar dish, to larger bowls for platters or simply for decoration or punch bowls. The color palate can be designed around your home décor, as the offer subtle hues as well as bright, striking reds and oranges that would be a talking piece at any event.

The bowls range in price as well. Fantastic deals can be found at estate sales or online auctions like eBay. A new 3 1/2 inch Rose Bowl, Grape and Cable in Blue Lagoon can be purchased for as low as $39.50, while the larger, more extravagant 9 1/2 inch Panel Grape Cobalt Punch Bowl runs for $495. In the middle of the product line are their more traditional and recognizable style bowls, like the 12 inch Ruby Amberina Stretch Ribbed Bowl which new is being sold for $132.50.

The variety of the items and price range make it easy for the new collector to get started collecting Fenton products without a large financial commitment.

Fenton Bowls are the most recognizable collectible bowls in the Unites States. The high quality of the pieces and the way they retain their value makes them a great purchase for any collector or antique dealer, because Fenton bowls hold their price well and are timeless pieces that last over generations. Fenton bowls can be purchased on the Fenton website, through online auction sites like eBAy, or by joining Fenton collectibles clubs across the county.

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