Fenton Bird Figurines

I find it funny that Fenton birds and cats, two natural enemies, are among the most popular collectibles in the art glass animal line. I'm always fascinated by those little tid bits of trivial information. Understanding why these Fenton figurines are so highly sought after is not a mystery. There's hardly a person I can think of who hasn't at some time been fascinated with the beauty and charm of a song bird. Many of us have feeders or bird houses so we can enjoy these graceful creatures from our window. And many of us collect and display glass figures of our favorite birds through out our homes.

Fenton Hand Painted Blue Birds on Larger Custard Satin Happiness Bird
Fenton Hand Painted Blue Birds on Happiness Bird

Fenton glass has been creating art glass birds for decades and the demand for these figurines has only increased. The use and creation of many types of glass has been refined over the years by Fenton and used in creating these bird decorations. From burmese glass to carnival glass these birds have been crafted in many beautiful colors such as pinks, cranberry, blues, reds and blends that one has to see to appreciate! The glowing satin glass and opalescents are stunning under a light and many of these beautiful birds can be found with those and other specialty art glass qualities.

You'll find many pieces that are hand painted with complimentary accents or unique designs by very talented artists employed by the company. Each piece is never exactly the same when hand painted which makes every bird truly unique. Gold or silver trim can be found on these birds in daintly detail along with unique patterns or elegant designs. Often flowers will be found hand painted on these figures in delicate colors.

Fenton Vintage Satin Vaseline Glass Bird
Vintage Satin Vaseline Glass Bird

A good majority of these Fenton birds are fashioned after Cardinals, Blue birds, Sparrows and other song birds but the variety does not end there. Hummingbirds, Doves, Penguins, Eagles, Swans and other birds have been created through the Fenton line. Some in more quantity than others, which makes collecting these pieces so much fun!

Often you can find a vintage bird in near perfect condition as these were not something people let the kids play with! When stored away for the season, most people took great care in packing their prized Fenton bird figurine collections! So even after many years of life it's often the case where you can find a vintage Fenton glass bird in terrific condition!

Rose Iridized Glass Bird Figurine
Fenton Iridized Glass Bird Figurine

Whether you are a hard core collector or just love birds, you'll find some terrific pieces for your enjoyment right here! From vintage hard to find pieces to newer pieces you'll discover quite a variety. There's no larger selection anywhere of these Fenton birds. Take a peek right now and discover the many beautiful bird figurines available for your collection needs by Americas favorite art glass company, Fenton!

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