Fenton Bells

Fenton Bells are beautiful pieces of artwork which are highly regarded and collected in the antique community. Fenton bells are typically 4 1/2 to 7 inches tall, and are hand blown and created by individual glass blowers and artists in the Fenton factory located in Williamstown, West Virginia.

John Fenton, who thought that the glass market was missing something. They started their business with the intent to create glass pieces that were hand blown, utilizing exciting and unusual colors and patters, to brighten the glass world for the collector and individual home. They have succeeded in that, still in business and thriving after over one hundred years in business. They are the largest glass collectible manufacturer in the United States, and have a state of the art facility in West Virginia, where fans of Fenton can visit to take tours, watch artists create these works of art, and buy Fenton products in the Fenton gift shop. The staff of Fenton is made up of over 100 individuals including artists, designers, and glass blowers.

Vintage Fenton Hand Painted Bell Winter Horse Sleigh
Vintage Fenton Winter Scene Bell


Many Fenton products are individual in that they are hand painted with floral or other designs, including many of the bells. Each piece is unique in that way, and many Fenton pieces are hand signed by the artist. Fenton offers a large array of products, including bowls, pitchers, plates, candy dishes, vases, lamps, and of course, Fenton bells.

Fenton bells are available for purchase in many ways. They can be purchased on site at the location in Williamstown, or on the Fenton direct sales website. Fenton products are also often found on internet auctions sites like eBay, and many antique dealers or past collectors are selling their antique Fenton bells in that way. For brand new "just released" products, it is probably easiest to buy direct from Fenton, but for older vintage Fenton bells or even new "still in box" bells that only a few years old, it is a good idea to look at the online auction sites for availability. You can find some great deals on Fenton bells on eBay!

Fenton Milk Glass Hobnail BellVintage Hobnail Ruby Red Glass Fenton Bell
Fenton Hobnail Bells

If you are interested in collecting Fenton products, it is also a good idea to join a Fenton collectors club, many of which have sprouted up around the country. These clubs meet, have newsletters, host online and public auctions, and can buy and sell Fenton products within their group. Fenton itself has created some special products for these clubs, so your only opportunity to purchase some of these items may be through joining a Fenton club. The clubs also keep you up to date on new releases and events.

Fenton bells are quite beautiful, and there are always dozens of new items to purchase that Fenton releases in their new catalogs. For instance, in the 2009 catolog the striking 6 1/2 inch "Oval and Diamond in Black" bell, the adorable 6 inch "Daisy and Button Bell" and a hand painted 6 inch "Melon Ball" bell in a beautiful violet hue, all of which run new for under $50.00.

Fenton Art Glass Topaz Opalescent Crystal Bell
Fenton Topaz Opalescent Crystal Bell

Fenton bells are great pieces for both the collector and traditional homeowner alike, and can add beauty and color to any home décor. Check out the many Fenton bells for sale on eBay right now!

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