Fenton Bears

Since the creation of the "Teddy Bear" in the early 1900's, these cuddly looking animals have been a popular collectible and the Fenton art glass bear is no exception! Fenton is a leader in the innovative creation of these miniature art glass bear figurines and have produced many styles and colors over the years.

From very small 2 inch miniatures to the larger 4 and 5 inch paperweights these Fenton bears are one of the most sought after collecible art glass figures by people worldwide. These simple but recognizable shapes come in many complex glass mixtures such as burmese, carnival, rosealine and iridescent glass to name a few. Many of these pieces are hand painted by Fenton's own artists for a "one of a kind" personal touch!

Amazingly, there are still a good many vintage bears available for purchase that are in excellent condition! Of course, most people took very good care of their Fenton collection, packing well when not in use for the season, thus the reason for so many fine classic collectibles still available for today's Fenton collectors.

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Burmese Glass Bears | Carnival Glass Bears | Hand Painted Bears | Artist Signed Bears | Clear Glass Bears | Polar Bears | OOAK Bears (one of a kind) | All Fenton Bears | Reclining-Laying Bears

There are plenty of beautiful new bears available too! Most Fenton pieces are limited to some degree in production making them such a sought after item, and the pieces marked as "limited edition" even more so. Over the past decade Fenton has offered some limited quantity bears specificly made for QVC and many of these bears can still be found at great prices!

Fenton made a lot of plain glass bears over the years in pinks, blues, reds and other colors that are often available now for under $10.00! A great way to start your Fenton bear collection! Whether you are a hardcore collector seeking a rare vintage classic bear or looking for a gift for the bear collector in your life, you'll find a great selection of these glass bears to shop.

Take a peek at the many bears available for purchase right now! The selection is great and the prices are low. It's a great time to add to your collection. A collectible Fenton bear will greatly enhance any display or make a memorable gift for someone special.

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