Fenton Art Glass Collectibles

Ask any Grandma in the USA about Fenton art glass collectibles and chances are she owns a few cherished pieces herself. The little family company from WV has been a household tradition across the nation and around the world for decades and is still going strong today. Perhaps you've seen some of their special edition items featured on QVC. Or perhaps you are already quite familiar with it.

The company withstood the brutality of the depression, a world war and several other economic difficulties in their lifetime of existence. The demand for their product is what has ultimately sustained them through these rough times and is why people are still today in love with the beautiful art glass pieces the Fenton art glass company produces today.

However, it is the vintage glass that people are very much seeking today, and that is what this site is primarily about. Fenton experimented and tested many types of glass over the years. When they hit on a winner that the public embraced, it sold well and had staying power. The old art glass had something extra special about it's composition and is what makes these collectible vintage pieces of Fenton a highly sought after art glass today.

From lamps, bells, bowls, pitchers and vases, to candy dishes and adorable animal figures such as cats, dogs, hens, song birds, horses, and butterflies were created and many hand painted with one of a kind beautiful patterns and colors! These art glass creations were crafted of various glass such as milk glass, carnival, burmese, hobnail, satin and opalescent colored glass.

Over the years grandmas moved from their homes and the tradition of collecting Fenton glass decorations was not always carried on. Many of these rare vintage pieces ended up at yard sales and flea markets or estate sales. Only recently have people come to discover the beauty and collectible value of these old Fenton pieces!

We've organized a huge selection of these Fenton art glass pieces on our site on which you can bid on and purchase at great savings. Neatly categorized so you can find what you want easily. Most of the glass works on our site are the vintage Fenton pieces, as the name implies, but you will find some more recent pieces too. We've broken down the categories into what most people are looking for. You can always use the search box if you know more specific details of what you are seeking.

The condition of these pieces vary from seller to seller but you'll discover that amazingly most of these beautiful collectibles are in excellent condition! They were usually displayed as a decoration or nik-nak and off limits to children as play toys! Even the candy dishes and other dining wear was often reserved for special occasions and then carefully packed away until the following year.

If you are new to these Fenton collectibles, be warned that you are entering an exciting and beautiful collectors hobby that can be extremely addictive! Especially once you see the fantastic deals you can get through our site and onto eBay! And if you aren't signed up with eBay, consider doing so right now! It takes just one minute and you'll be ready to take a peek at these vintage Fenton glass collectibles on the worlds largest and most exciting nternet store!

Please take the time to read about the different types of Fenton glass and the creation process in our informative article setion. We've written these articles in an easy to understand way in order to familiarize you with the history of different glass and Fenton's role in creating and producing it. Knowing a little about the art glass piece you are interested in will make for a better collecting and shopping experience!

Whether you are a hard core collector looking for a super rare vintage piece for your collection or an affordable and beautifully crafted art glass figure for your animal figure collection, we'll help you find what you need! Be sure to bookmark this site as the inventory is updated daily as new items are made available. Thank you for visiting and enjoy your shopping experience as you enter the beautiful world of Fenton art glass collectibles!

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